• Concept and preanalysis
  • Specification og calculatio
  • Device development and design
  • EMC-consulting
  • Complete solutions
  • PCB layout and prototyping

WELCOME TO ArriDan ApS – your external development devision!

Since 1983 we have specialized in the development of industrial and medical eletronics for many small and large danish and forreign indistrial companies.


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We can become your external develop-ment devision - specialized in EMC og PCB layout among other things.



Aquire labour and consultancy for your projectteam. Take advantage of many years experience within project- and electronic development.


Product development – complete solutions

ArriDan Aps can become your external development devision.
ArriDan ApS delivers complete solutions, and manages all stages of product development: From concept development to deliverance of the final product.

We gladly become part of your development team joining in as a project-coworker or as a consultant. During development we offer our services in a range of areas:

  • Concept and preanalysis
  • Specification og calculation – documentation of the final product
  • Electronic development and embedded programming
  • Device development and design – systemdesign, devicedesign, prototyping, productripening
  • EMC-consulting, test and verification of design and approval of products. Thereby it is assured that the product is developed according to norms and standards.
  • PCB layout and prototyping
  • Production – SMD and Leaded electronic production